Ferdinand Dervieux
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Co-founder of Parallèles Éditions, SharpSense & Panoptic Lab
Interaction, graphic and game designer.
Unity3d developer for PC, consoles, mobile and VR

Honors & Awards:

05.15 • Gold Prize at Oculus VRJAM 2015 game track.
05.15 • Gold Prize at Oculus VRJAM 2015 experience track.
05.15 • Silver Prize at Oculus VRJAM 2015 game track.
02.14 • Finalist at Innovact Awards.
02.14 • Finalist and winner of the DATA Shaker SNCF program.
01.14 • Winner of the HackAXA best app contest.
05.13 • Selected for the Young Talent Digital Art Prize.
04.12 • Second prize for the "Etudiants, tous à Chaumont!" contest.
02.10 • Honors and second place for the Da Silva prize.


2013-2015 • EnsadLab Sociable Media
2011 • SVA New York Graphic Design
2008-2013 • Ensad Image Imprimée


DRIFT is a game for virtual reality headset in wich you embody a gun bullet. Fly through immersive suspended scenes in a four floors building and try to find your way between gangsters and obstacles until you hit the right target!
Project with Aby Batti.
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• Gold Winner at 2015 VRJAM by Oculus.

Along the Trail

Along the Trail is an experience developed for virtual reality that invites you to take a walk around landscapes generated from the data you left on social medias platforms. Exploring these landscapes enables you to rediscover past events and forgotten memories stored in remote datacenters.
Project with Aby Batti & Jeremie Lasnier & Louis Eveillard.
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• Gold Winner at 2015 VRJAM by Oculus.


In this virtual reality game you are the warden of a prison operated by a private company. Beware, inmates are dangerous and sneaky. Your job is to make sure they don't escape during your shift.
Project with Julia Spiers & Louis Eveillard.
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• Silver Winner at 2015 VRJAM by Oculus.


Fibonacci is a dialogue between hand-printed etchings and new technologies. Use your smartphone or tablet to scan the fifteen engravings and discover a digital work in augmented reality. From code to engraving through generative animations, Fibonacci is a hybrid work linking traditional technique and technology.
Project with Maïa d'Aboville.
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• Young Talent Digital Art prize finalist.

Lis tes classiques

Imagine a way to link the distribution of paper books and digital book, two parallel networks. Lis tes Classiques is an experience that allows physical access to a digital collection of free books. The urban settlement is an attempt to read the invitation in the form of a printed, symbolic object on the edge of real library. It encourages pedestrians to choose a book and download it for free on your smartphone or iPad with a QRcode.
Project with Maïa d'Aboville.

✶ DATA Shaker SNCF winner.
• Finalist at Innovact Awards.
• Second prize for Chaumont contest.

In the loop

In the loop is an app we created for AXA. It is a web gamification application of sales forces based on the client satisfaction.By selling adapted contracts, AXA's employees win points that they can spend in a "store" that offers days off, products and charity support. We also implemented a network motivating system that makes members of a team helping each other.
Project with Jeremie Lasnier.
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• HackAXA best application winner.


Book of engravings based on the existence of a ghost island in Japan called Hashima.
Illustrations with Julia Spiers.


Series of engravings based on the movie "Once upon a time in the west" by Sergio Leone.


Playart is an educational cross-platform cards game for children. Based on games mechanisms, it encourages to "learn" hystory of art and exchange cards to win. The game is based on a social network and a high-score system. It contains almost 100 painters grouped by artistic movements. It is not the material value of the cards that matters, but the knowledge they contain. By putting down the cards on their ipad or touch screen, children can access informations on the painter.
Project with Maïa d'Aboville.
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• Presented at French Touch de l'Education conference..


Book of photographs and images based on the "Pusher" trilogy by Nicolas Winding Refn.


Experience of combinatorial narration. A narrative series of forty engravings is published in a book and provides access to animated versions of the story. Always using the same series of images in a different order, animations offer every time a new story.
Project with Maïa d'Aboville.
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SeaRain is an interactive application: a sound memory game, accompanied by printed "maps". You run a maritime scientific expedition and can the seabed to find the musical score and follow the mermaid heard until the Abyss. Like any good navigator, you have printed maps to guide you through the stars and constellations.
Project with Maïa d'Aboville.

Download the IOS app here.


Book of photographs and texts based on the movie "Papa est en voyage d'affaire" by Emir Kusturica.
Project with Louis Matray.


Series of five drawings using red ink.

100 Ans de solitude

Stuffed coveralls in a room lighted with black light neons.


Image generator developed on Processing. A series of pictures has been selected and is shown in this book.


Book made ​​using image transfers and paper cut. Tribute to the Highline, a former railway track converted into an aerial path through New York City.

D. Landscape

Dynamic Landscape is an experiment that attempts to provide a representation tool for scientists working on epigenetic. By sliding his hands in integrated gloves, the user can act on the suspended ferrofluid in a liquid held between two latex membranes.
Project with Maïa d'Aboville.

✶ Second prize for DA Silva contest.


ZO.NE is an interactive installation that invites visitors to read a text set in space and use a tablet to scan walls and discover the comments, messages and images of previous readers. Users are then invited to express themselves on the text and let comments using augmented reality.
Project with Maïa d'Aboville.
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