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Workshop Toucher avec les yeux

Toute la semaine, j'étais à Chalon-sur-Saône pour un workshop avec les étudiants de l'École Media Art. Après une initiation au logiciel Unity, les participants ont eu carte blanche pour imaginer des oeuvres et projets qui questionnent la vision et l'interaction au regard dans des espaces en réalité virtuelle.

premières explorations de l'espace en réalité virtuelle par les étudiants
création d'environnements immersifs qui questionnent la vision
expérimentations sur la paréidolie, l'art de voir des formes dans les taches et nuages par exemples

Workshop écriture visuelle

On Monday and Thursday I was at Prép'art to lead a workshop entitled "visual writing" with Lionel Dax and Hélène Orain. Students were asked to bring their own texts and graphics to create installations, videos, posters or micro-editions to tell the intimate story that links them to these objects.

Ludum Dare 45

Last night ended the 45th edition of the Ludum Dare, a famous video game design competition. Twice a year since 2002, thousands of creators around the world are meeting online to make games in 48 or 72 hours. There is nothing to win, it's a contest to create, share and discover original projects and talented people.

I had not participated in a Ludum Dare since the 32nd edition in 2015 but I was tempted several times to try again. After one year in Japan I was looking fo some action and make sure I was not too rusty. I quickly talked about it to Vincent Masson. We had been discussing doing a project together for a while and this was a perfect opportunity to warm up. A few minutes later, our team for this Ludum Dare was on tracks. The topic chosen by the community and revealed on Friday evening was "Start with nothing". After a brief brainstorming over a beer on Saturday evening, we started 48 hours of intense code and 3D. Here is the result:

DREAMS is an ode to creativity, imagination and dreams. An interactive experience where you start with nothing before being overwhelmed by a flow of colorful shapes and animated objects that pass through your head. Sometimes precious, magical or invasive, dreams accumulate and swarm in your inner space. But where do they come from and where do they go ?

It is customary in the days following the end of the competition to put online a "Post jam" version with some corrections and improvements. We took a little time to add sounds, music and reinforce the multiplayer aspect that is the strength of the project.

You can visit the official game page on the Ludum Dare website or download it for free on OSX and Windows from the dedicated page.

Two players can join the game simultaneously to throw dreams at each other.

Podcast Cover Generator

This Saturday I was at the Sorbonne to lead a workshop about creating podcasts on Audacity. For the occasion I decided to code a small podcast cover generation tool. It is an animated generator that allows you to modify the texts, sizes, colors and shapes of the elements with a variety of options.

The application exports square PNGs at the desired resolution and can be used on all podcast platforms. You can download and use the application for free from the following links: PCG for MacOS with retina screen, PCG for MacOS and PCG for Windows.

Workshop web to print

This week, we led a workshop at the Campus de la Fonderie de l'Image with Sarah Garcin. Soberly entitled "Web to print", the goal was for master 2 students to design playful websites which can be partially printed. The printing step could take place at different times (game rules to be downloaded upstream, puzzles to be solved during the experiment or result at the end of the experience) and had to be generated randomly or based on the user's interactions. In the end, nine projects were created by the 38 students, here are some of them:

Transounder is an audio walk that offers a postcard to print at the end, an abstract landscape generated according to the choices made by the user. Created by Romane, Maud, Nathalie, Fanny & Estelle.
Kepler307 is an online board game where players are confronted with puzzles to decipher by printing clues. Created by Émilie, Geoffroy, Arnaud & Yvan.
Claustrophobia is an experience where children reveal origami to print by clicking on the fears they want to overcome. Created by Margot, Marion, Mathilde & Nicolas.




Ferdinand Dervieux

Art director, Unity developer, graphic and interaction designer. I work on my own projects, accept commissions and love sharing what I know during workshops and teaching classes.

Co founder
• of the company SharpSense which develops and produces interactive experiences and video games in virtual reality.
• of Parallèles Éditions, an experimental publishing house mixing paper and digital.
• of the collective Panoptic Lab, a laboratory of experimentations in virtual reality.

Speaker / teacher
ENSAD Paris, DSAA Boulogne, Paris 8 University, Paris-Sorbonne University, Parsons School Paris, Campus de la Fonderie de l'image, Prép'art, ICAN...

A few clients
SNCF, Fondation Louis Vuitton, Google, Dépli design studio, Ministère de l'éducation nationale, Oculus Facebook, Les éditions volumiques, RMN...

• Recall is part of the official selection of the French National Animation Film Festival.
• Playgrounds and Recall are presented in Tokyo for Digital Choc 2019.
Recall is presented at the VR Arles Festival during the Rencontres d'Arles 2018.
• Articles/interviews in the Fisheye magazine.
Workshop at the Cité Internationale des arts in Paris.
• Talk at the MK2 Bibliothèque for the conference "Video games, future of XR ?".
• Article/interview in the Immersion magazine.
• Winner of the award "Comics and Art" of Colomiers's comics festival with the project Recall.
• Awarded for the projects DRIFT (Gold Award Game), Panopticon (Silver Award Game) and Along the Trail (Gold Award Experience) at the Oculus VRJam.